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We publish limited edition prints by Michael MacDonagh Wood and Veronica Charlesworth. Michael has become renowned for his stunning scenes of Venice, showing quiet backwaters where the water ripples gently, reflecting the faded grandeur of the magnificent buildings above. He also paints sunlit scenes in picturesque rural France and Italy. His paintings of Cuban architecture evoke the vibrant history of that fascinating island.

Veronica's watercolours and acrylics celibrate the natural world in vivid still life, floral and landscape paintings.

Michael and Veronica work with craftsman printers to reproduce their watercolours as signed limited edition prints.




  • The number of prints is strictly limited to the stated edition size.
  • The image will not be printed in any other form except for publicity material such as brochures, magazine advertisements and greeting cards.
  • There will be no publication of subsequent open editions.






We supply the following galleries:

Stourbridge Galleries, 58 Worcester Street, Stourbridge, W Midlands  

Tel: 01384 390170

Artizan Gallery, Fleet Walk, Torquay, 

Tel. 01803 428626






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